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preschool music lesson

Preschool Music Lesson “10 Little Bluebirds”

A new preschool music lesson has been added to the music education subscription site.  “10 Little Bluebirds”  is a lesson for preschool and lower elementary aged students.

In this song, preschool and lower elementary aged students will practice their singing voice by doing an echo song and play a xylophone glissando to represent the birds flying away. This song also teaches counting and it integrates music with math.  To find out more about how to integrate music with math, click here.

This video will be free to watch for a limited time, then it will only be available to my subscribers.  Each week, I add different videos and printable lesson plans for different age groups and learning objectives.  Be sure to check back often for more free content and join my email list to receive exclusive coupons and discounts.



preschool music lesson

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Jessica Peresta

Music teacher and music education blogger who helps parents and teachers by providing online music education lessons for kids.

17 thoughts to “Preschool Music Lesson “10 Little Bluebirds””

  1. I’ve actually heard something similar to this at a school I attended recently. This is a such a nice way of teaching.

  2. We will have to try this one! My daughter loves singing the songs she learned in her gym class this summer, so I will have to add this to our rotation!

  3. This is quite possibly one of the coolest blogs I’ve seen in a long time. My kids… All 4 of them came to my computer as I was watching your lesson, something that is super rare. They stayed the entire time. Their ages range from 12 – 3. You’ve got something magical here and we are thrilled to have been apart of it for just a little while. My 3 year old is still singing the song. 🙂

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