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5 Kidtastic Christmas Spotify Playlists

Spotify has some great Christmas playlists your kids will love to dance and sing along to.  I cannot tell you the number of times I push play, turn the music up, and my kids imaginations go to work.



1. KIDZ BOP Christmas!

Kids LOVE Kidz Bop.  There is just something so fun about having some our favorite songs turned kid friendly.  This playlist is upbeat and so much fun to dance to!  Also, Kidz Bop has some pretty awesome dance videos that teach kids step by step directions and are easy to follow along.


2.  Kids Christmas Songs

I love how this station plays a combination of old and modern Christmas songs.  Some of the songs are well know, but the unfamiliar ones are easy to learn and fun to sing along to.  This is a great learning opportunity since some kids don’t know the old Christmas songs that us “older people” all know and love.



3.  Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas

Ever since I got to see the “Trans-Siberian” orchestra live, I have been a huge fan!  Some of their songs include vocals and some are instrumental.  Since I have boys, they like to pretend there are bad guys on the fast parts and run around dancing and making up movements.  If you get a chance, find the “Trans-Siberian” orchestra on YouTube and watch your kids stare in awe as they see the amazing light show and performance!


4.  Pentatonix Christmas

Put 5 amazing singers together who sing acapella and you get one pretty spectacular singing group.  Some of their songs are slow and others are fast, but they are all amazing.  This station could be tied into an amazing music lesson including learning about melody, harmony, and acapella.


5.  Christmas Pop

This station is just a fun mix of different Christmas songs.  Kids will love dancing and singing along to the songs.


What are your favorite Christmas songs, playlists, or stations your family enjoys listening to?




Kids Christmas Spotify playlists

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I am a wife, mom of 3 boys, pianist, and music educator. Every child should be given an opportunity to learn music through lessons (traditional or online), home music education, and in the schools.

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