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online music teacherI love to share the same elementary music resources with others that have helped me in my own music teaching. These resources are great to use in your classroom or homeschool.  Keep checking this page periodically for updated resources and freebies that are provided to you by me,  The Domestic Musician.


Free Printables


Books to Teach Pre-K and Kindergarten

  • I Sing, You Sing Holiday Songs has several songs from several holidays in it.  The songs are easy to learn, and instead of students having to echo sing a lot of words, it breaks it down into one line at a time. The kids love to add movement after they sing.
  • Mother Goose Brain Boost: Using Music and Movement to Teach Cognitive Skills (Early Learning) is one of my favorite teaching resources.  Basically this book just gets kids moving.  I don’t know about you, but my younger students can’t sit still, so this book is so helpful for those days where they just need to get up and dance.
  • Children’s Songbook with CD is a book that was given to me.  At first I was a little leery since it was written by Readers Digest, but a lot of the songs are fun to learn.  On top of that, if you are a piano player, it is fun for the kids to sing along with you while you play the piano part.


Instrument Teaching Resources


Free Videos


Movement and Music Games Books

  • Busy Kids Movement (Busy Kids) helps teach exactly what the title says.  There are so many fantastic activities in this book to get kids moving.
  • Jump Jim Joe: Great Singing Games for Children Book/CD Combo includes so many great folk songs and dances.  My students love to move and dance, and although the 4th and 5th graders (especially boys) might act too cool to do these dances, they will get used to your crazy ways and will end up loving these dances.
  • 101 Music Games for Children is one of my go to books when I have an extra 5-10 minutes at the end of a lesson.  The kids will memorize their favorite games and will ask to play them again and again.


Teaching the Composers

  • Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers books are great for teaching about the great music composers.  The Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  and Johann Sebastian Bach books are my favorites (probably because these are two of my favorite composers), but there are books to go with pretty much any of the popular composers we all know and love.


Free E-Course

  • How to integrate music with reading, math, science, social studies, and foreign language access it here


Body Percussion and Rhythm Books


Substitute Music Help


My Favorite Instruments


Teaching Materials

  • I cannot say enough great things about Music K-8.  Not only did lots of my teaching materials come from this magazine, almost every music program and choir repertoire was ordered through my subscription with them.
  • Music Stand is a must have to hold your lesson plans, teaching materials, and other resources.
  • This Elementary Music Note Worthy Rug is one I used for years and years.  The kids like learning about the different musical symbols on it and you can use the rug to play an identifying the lines and spaces on the staff game.
  • WELCOME – When you enter this music room poster is one that I put right on the door so as the kids enter they can see it.
  • Discover Music Bulletin Board Set is one I chose years ago because it is colorful, includes music terms you will be teaching, and can be moved around or changed out easily.
  • Learning Resources Classroom Centers Pocket Chart is what I used to put rhythms and instructions for my music centers in.

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