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The Domestic Musician-FAQ


Why are you teaching music education online?

I taught elementary music in the public school system and private piano lessons for several years.  My desire is to teach children who have a desire to learn music, help parents bring music into their homes, and have a music curriculum that is easily accessible for teachers to use at school.

How much are the video lessons?

The music education subscription is absolutely FREE for 3 days.  If you decide to continue past the 3 day trial, it’s only $8 a month or you can purchase an entire year for $72.  New videos are added weekly and each contain so much value and accompanying lesson plans.

The piano course is $44 or you can pay a rental price of only $7 where you can watch as many videos as you want for 3 days.  This course includes a 40 page printable workbook.

What ages are these lessons aimed at?

The music education subscription has many different lessons categorized by music standards and content. Videos are geared towards children ages 3-12 and in each lesson description, you will be able to see the difficulty level and modifications that are made for younger kids.

The piano course is for beginning piano students.  Children between the ages of 5-10 would benefit from taking this course.

How long are the lessons?

Each music education video is between 6-12 minutes long, and each piano lesson is around 20-25 minutes long.  Your child will be pausing the video to practice certain parts and the goal is to have a quality 30 minute music education lesson.

Will I know what my child is learning?

Attached to each music education video are the music learning objectives that will be taught and printable lesson plans that are easy to follow along.  The videos will be titled with the song or activity that will be taught.  Videos include lessons on singing, movement, body percussion, rhythm instruments, drumming, recorder, rhythm counting, writing music, music theory, composers, musical genres, and so much more.

In the piano course, there is a 40 page printable workbook included.  This workbook includes all the music, music theory, practice tips, a practice chart, as well as other useful information.

What materials do we need?

You will need a computer or another electronic device to watch the video lessons on.  The instruments and recommendations on which ones to purchase include: xylophone Trophy 27-Note Xylophone with Case, T1727, rhythm instruments (shakers, hand drum, triangle, rhythm sticks)Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box Chime! Whistle! Jingle!, keyboard Yamaha DGX230 Electronic Keyboard , recorder Lyons Soprano Recorder Transparent Clear, and boomwhackers Boomwhacker Power Pack, Includes 8-Note Diatonic Set with Octivator Caps, CDW1 “Whack Tracks” CD and Info DVD.  If you don’t purchase the instruments, I will have modifications for other household items to use, or you can leave the instrument part out and just learn the song.   There will be many music education lessons, and some of them require no instruments at all.  Remember…when you subscribe, you get access to ALL videos meaning you get to choose which lessons work best for your children.

Will I be able to help my child learn the lessons?

Absolutely!  All you need to do is make sure your child can see the screen and push play.  Then, if they have questions, you can pause the video and work on a certain part together.

Will my child be able to interact with you and the other students?

Yes!  I started a private Facebook group Music Education Connection where only parents, students, and teachers of The Domestic Musician site can go to ask questions, get to know each other better, post videos of their learned videos, and collaborate with each other.

What makes The Domestic Musician so unique?

What sets me apart is my years of musicianship, teaching experience, love of teaching, and a heart and a passion for music education.   I named this site The Domestic Musician because I am a mom, wife, and music teacher juggling the domestic side of life with my musician side.  I understand the difficulty to find the right balance between family time and education.

To find out more about who I am, you can click here About The Domestic Musician