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how musicians make the best employees

How Musicians Make the Best Employees

There are many factors that go into how musicians make the best employees.  Most musicians are hard workers, have great work ethic, and are very organized.  Many employers like to hire musicians, because they know how smart and driven they are.


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1. Musicians Don’t Give Up

So many hours of practice go into learning an instrument.  From beginning music lessons to being a professional musician, musicians don’t give up.  While practicing a piece of music, notes will be missed, rhythms will be counted wrong, and dynamics will be played incorrectly.  Musicians don’t just play something wrong and keep going.  They are taught to keep working on the music until they get it right, even if this means practicing the same five measures over and over.

This skill is carried over into the work force.  These musicians become employees who work on a task until it is right.  They don’t give up and don’t accept failure.


2. Musicians Put in Long Hours

Just recently, I played piano for a large women’s conference.  So many nights of rehearsal were required so we could make sure the music sounded right.  Although we were tired, we had the end goal in mind and knew that the many hours of practice would be well worth it.

If a project isn’t finished at work a musician will not quit until it is done.  It takes dedication to put in all those long hours of practice, and the same dedication will be applied in their job.


how musicians make the best employees


3. Musicians are Great at Multi-Tasking

Whether in a band or as a soloist, musicians are used to multi-tasking. There are rhythms to count, melodies to play, and a director to watch.  They need to read the music and count the rests, all while remembering to listen to the harmonies of the other instrumentalists.

While at an office job, a musician will be able to answer phone calls, file papers and documents, respond to emails, and arrange meetings on their calendar at the same time.  They will keep lists and are organized to a fault.  Employers look for people who can not only multi-task, but are also self starters.


4. Musicians are Team Players

Since a lot of musicians have been in an ensemble or have played for a large crowd, they are used to working together as part of a team.  They realize the end goal is the performance, and in order to get to that point, they have to be a team player. There will be moments where they will need to rest and let another section take the lead, and at other moments, it is their time to shine.

In a job, there will be many different opinions and viewpoints.  Musicians learn to sometimes take the back seat and let someone else’s idea shine.  Part of being a good employee is realizing that others have great ideas, and sometimes being part of the orchestra and not the soloist, is perfectly fine.


How do you think musicians make great employees?  Do you work with someone who has a musical mind?  Does your child have a musical mind and will make a great employee one day?





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