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learn music in your home

Learn music in YOUR home

Did you know it is possible for your child to learn music in your home?  All you need is a space to learn, a device to watch videos on, maybe a couple of instruments, and that’s it!  In this post, I want to dive into what an online music education looks like and how your child can get the most out of their music education lessons.


How do I plan the lessons?

Since I love all things music education, it is hard each week to narrow down my planning to only a 8-10 minutes of teaching.  When I taught in the classroom, I would always over plan because there is so much music to cover out there people!!!  But seriously…I think about what ages I’m teaching, what concepts I want to teach,  and how I can best teach to your child since I’m not there in person.  Right along with the video lessons each week, I am providing helpful blog posts with different ways to implement music into your home.


Is teaching to a camera strange?

I realize that watching me teach over a monitor is different than me being there in person.  Teaching to a camera is WAY different than teaching to kids and took some getting used to for me. But, when I’m teaching I imagine the many children who are watching and learning, just as I hope they feel like they are in my classroom with me.  If it takes a couple of lessons for your child to get used to this method of learning, that’s ok!  They will get used to it, and if they stick with me week after week, I know they will love the different lessons being taught.

What if your child has never learned music before?

My main goal in starting these music education videos is to teach as many children as I can.  When I taught in the classroom, I knew of so many schools that had no music program, so these kids never got an opportunity to learn music.  In fact, when I started at my school, they didn’t have a music class for 5 years!  Whoa!  So, going into that situation, I knew I had to start small and add new lessons, curriculum, and vocab one week, month, and year at a time.

So…if your child has little or no music experience, that is perfectly fine!  I am so glad that they will be learning music and promise that your child will get the hang of the lessons quickly.  Every lesson has the concepts being taught included, and every video has places to pause and practice, starts slow, and your child will be given plenty of instruction in what to do.  If your child has learned music before, then they will still be able to keep on building on what they have already learned.

How can you help your child learn the lessons?

Honestly, just look at what materials are needed, push play, and have your child follow right along.  After the lesson is finished, your child can rewatch any parts that they need to or can pause at any time to practice what is being learned.  Your role as a parent is to make sure they practice what is being taught and to review the learning objectives with your child.  There is a printable lesson plan that goes right along with each video that is easy to follow along for anyone regardless of your music background.

Some of the videos will use different rhythm instruments, but modifications for what other items to use are included in the lessons if you do not have those instruments on hand.


How do you know which videos your child should watch?

The videos are categorized by subject matter.  It is completely up to you and your child which videos you want to watch and which music concepts you want to learn.  In the video description, difficulty level will be defined as well as what learning objectives that will be taught.


Will I be available to help your child as their teacher?

If you have any questions or have ideas for new lessons, please just email me at  I would LOVE to hear from you.  Also…I started a Facebook group where students, parents, and myself can communicate and learn from each other.  You can access my group by heading to

For more about me, head to where you will be able to read all about my years of music and teaching experience.



learn music in your home



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Jessica Peresta

Music teacher and music education blogger who helps parents and teachers by providing online music education lessons for kids.

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  1. An online music education for kids sounds interesting! Just today I came across an online art class for kids…
    I think this type of online learning is catching on.

    It’s also largely convenient for parents too, they don’t have to bring their kid to the music school, and can also choose to be present during these online lessons!

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