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T.V. shows that teach music to kids

5 T.V. Shows That Teach Music to Kids

I love teaching music and getting to see the joy on children’s faces as they experience music in many different ways.  Since becoming a mom and experiencing pretty much every kid show out there, I am so impressed with how many shows not only play music, but actually teach musical concepts that. So, I decided to share my favorite T.V. shows that teach music to kids.


1. Little Einsteins

This show is seriously incredible.  Every single show teaches about Classical music, orchestra instruments, tempo, or dynamics, and has the kids participate right along with the characters.  They make learning music fun and it is pretty awesome to hear my 4 year old talking about how he can move adagio across the room, when this is a musical term I would teach to a 2nd grader.


2. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

First of all, I love how Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is based off of the show Mr. Rogers neighborhood.  I grew up watching Mr. Rogers teach me life lessons week after week.  Daniel Tiger teaches lessons about sharing, being kind, being a friend, and so much more and uses songs to teach these lessons.  If you know anything about me, you know I love anything that has to do with music integration, and this show does a great job of teaching concepts by using songs.



3. Imagination Movers

This show features an all male band.  These guys sure know how to have fun and use exciting songs to teach about all kinds of things that kids can relate to.  They dance, sing, and play instruments and kids will not be able to sit still while watching this show.


4. TarataBong!

The Meloditties are each different instruments that journey together through the land of TarataBong.  They talk all about different musical concepts along the way including steady beat, soft and loud, and all of the orchestra instruments.  This show is so great in helping kids learn all about the instruments and how to play them.  

5. The Backyardigans

Preschoolers will absolutely love this show.  The Backyardigans pretend, sing, and use their imaginations while playing with their friends.  The songs are creative and fun and you will hear your kiddos singing them throughout the day.  

What are your favorite kid shows that teach music?  


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T.V. shows that teach music to kids

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36 thoughts to “5 T.V. Shows That Teach Music to Kids”

  1. My niece would enjoy this – she only listen to children songs (not that there anything wrong with it) but i feel she need to bordern her horizon with music. xx

  2. I haven’t looked into too many tv shows, as my daughter is just going to be turning 3. But, #2 and #5 definitely look like ones she would like and age appropriate. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yay! I’m so glad that my kids watch these shows! I’m OBSESSED — obbbbbbbsessed — with the Imagination Movers. I wish they’d put it on Netflix! LOL

  4. We love Daniel Tiger and Little Einsteins here! Have you ever seen Rachel & the Treeschoolers? She integrates science, social skills, and music together–we love it, too!

  5. my kids are older now but they loved Little Einsteins and Backyardagains. My favorite was always Jack’s Big Music Show. It introduced us to Laurie Berkner’s music and so many other songs that we still sing from time to time for a laugh.

  6. My daughter ADORES little Einsteins! It was the absolute Only show she would watch for a long time. Even now it’s still her favorite. She can use words like staccato and she recognizes violins, music notes and more in the books we read. I just wish the books, toys and accessories were still available. My mom found a rocket toy at a consignment shop and it became her best friend!

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