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5 Reasons Your Child Needs to Take my Online Piano Course

When I started learning piano, the only option back in the 80’s was in person lessons.  My teachers were amazing and I learned so much from them and loved teaching my own piano students face to face.  Nothing will ever replace that teacher to student interaction.  I am simply trying to give you another option for your kids to learn piano online.  It is simply amazing to me that in the day and age we live in, not only can kids still learn from very talented teachers through traditional lessons, but learning piano online is now a very valid option also.   When I created my first piano course for kids, I taught each lesson with my year of experience as a pianist and teacher in mind.  Each lesson is well thought out and planned with not only the student in mind, but the parent too.  But, if you are hesitant about having your child learn piano via online learning, here are 5 reasons your child needs to take my online piano course.



1. It is affordable

When I taught piano lessons in a studio, the cost was between $15-$25 for a half hour lesson.  After 12 lessons, that adds up to $180-$300 PLUS the costs of books which are between $5-$10 per book and the cost of gas to and from lessons.  With my beginning piano courses, the cost is significantly less and all the price includes the video lessons, a 120 page workbook that includes the printable sheet music arranged by me, theory homework, and piano practice tips for each lesson.


2.  You can take lessons on your schedule

When I taught lessons, I would have students every week cancel lessons due to sports conflicts, a sick sibling, a parent who had to work late, or from car problems.  Every studio policy is different, but the only way I would reschedule lessons was if I was given 24 hour notice or if that child was sick.  With my online course, if conflicts arise, your child can watch the lessons when it works for your families schedule.  In my course, I instruct children on what to practice each week before moving on to the next lesson.  But, if something comes up, you will not have to cancel your lesson, you can just practice later that night, earlier the next day, or catch up on the weekend.   I understand a household can get noisy (mom of 3 boys over here) so here’s a great post on how to practice piano in a noisy home.


3. Your child can progress at their own pace

Here’s the deal.  Since I’m not there to help guide your child in person, depending on their age and skill level, they will either need to move slower or faster than I recommend in the videos.  Of course, consistency is key with progressing at anything, and the same goes for learning the piano.  With an online course, you have to keep your own schedule and stay disciplined with practicing each song, learning the skills, doing the theory homework, and preparing for the final lesson recital.  But, if you make it all the way to the last lesson, you will be ready to jump right into the level 2 course (when it’s finished in a couple of months.)  Parents, just like with in person lessons, you need to make sure your child pays attention to the lessons and practices.  They will fidget, get distracted, and try to rush through the songs, but you are their biggest advocate in helping them to succeed.  If your child needs a little more motivation to practice, check out the video below.



4.  Kids love technology

My kids love technology.  I seriously cannot believe how much my 5 and 7 year old boys already know about navigating around a tablet or a computer with me barely showing them the ropes.  When it comes to learning, kids of today are tech savvy and learning by watching a video lesson keeps their interest for a longer period of time.  For my video lessons, all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or a computer and the kids can watch the lessons.  Another awesome feature for the older kids, is they can watch the lessons while using headphones moms!


5.  The lessons teach loads of content

Student’s will learn note names, piano finger numbers, proper hand position, posture, how to read notes on the staff, how to count rhythms, keep a steady beat, tempo, dynamics, simple 5 note scales, and so much more. In the last lesson, students will have an opportunity to memorize a recital piece and play it for an audience of their choice or in my Facebook group Music Education Connection.  Level 1 is laying the foundation of piano, so once level 2 is finished student’s will begin learning how to read a chord chart, harder sheet music, more music theory, the octave scales, and begin to improvise.


If you are wanting to learn the piano and want a great keyboard to start on (I have the same one in my home), then I recommend the Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Piano w/ Knox Stand & Bench ,Sustain Pedal and Survivalkit (Includes Power Supply and 2 Year Warranty) that comes with the keyboard, headphones, music stand, pedal and bench.




I hope this post gives you some clarity in what you can expect to gain from my online piano course.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask.  Also, if you join my email list, I send out the occasional coupons and updates about courses to come.  I look forward to being your child’s next piano teacher and can’t wait to hear from you.


If you are a parent, student, or teacher who wants to learn more about music, connect with other musicians, or wants to post their latest videos of what they’ve been working on, I would love for you to join my Facebook group Music Education Connection. Collaborate, learn from each other, and grow new friendships. This is a place to receive encouragement, positive feedback, and to ask questions.


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learn piano online


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Music teacher and music education blogger who helps parents and teachers by providing online music education lessons for kids.

28 thoughts to “5 Reasons Your Child Needs to Take my Online Piano Course”

  1. This is great! I didn’t know you could do music lessons online! My husband is a drummer…he should look at doing some online lessons! Thanks for the great info!

  2. I have never heard of learning piano online, but this sounds really great! I took piano growing up so I could see an online course being great option for my daughter when she is older! It would give me the tools to help teach her.

  3. I’ve been begging my husband to let me take his grandmother’s piano (it hasn’t been used in over 30 years), but he says we don’t have the space. I’m going to show him this post to help convince him that our boys need to learn piano!

    1. Haha! There is always a spare wall somewhere. Growing up, my piano was in our dining room that was attached to the kitchen so practicing was super fun with all the noise. Ha!

  4. These are all great points! My daughter already loves to play the piano, but I don’t think she is ready for lessons yet. I definitely want her to take lessons someday, because I appreciate all my years of lessons. I love that your lessons allow kids to go at their own pace!

  5. I will have to keep this in mind. Been kind of short on $ lately but hopefully soon things will be better. I think my boys would enjoy this.

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