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using music in the creative process

Using Music in the Creative Process

I love this guest post written by Monique Worotny.  She is a creative entrepreneur who knows the value of using music in the creative process.  This is a great read for any blogger, entrepreneur, or creative person who is looking for great ways to get your creative juices flowing.



Set Up a Creative Environment

When you’re creating, what’s your environment like?  Do you go into a coffee shop, sit on your deck, stare at your computer? Is it the same place every time? Do you go through the same methods of preparing yourself before you start? Is it silent where you are or are there conversations or music around you? We have all been inspired by music, so what if the music you’re listening to can get your creative juices flowing? It doesn’t matter whether you’re painting, writing, digitally designing.  Any creative process can benefit by listening to music. Think about it. Most the time we are told to think about the audience we’re creating for. Why not go a step further than just thinking of that avatar and start listening to the music they would be interested in?

For example, you’re designing a cover for a new children’s book. Listening to children’s music you’ll hear happiness come through. You’ll be triggered to pick bright colors and everything you design will have that happy childish feeling behind it.


Select the Right Music

Being specific with the music you choose will also make a difference. The more you specific the better.

Looking again at the children’s book example, but the children’s book is about going to bed. Listening to children’s lullabies will put you in a relaxed mood. All the colours are soft hues and peace comes through in your images.


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Pick Music to Help Your Creative Flow

What if you don’t have a specific audience? If you’re creating pieces for your portfolio, listen to music you love. If you were looking to create a piece to show another side of you, go with music that brings out a different mood in you. When you go against your usual genre of music, don’t judge the project you’re working on. Keep going with it and follow through. Chances are this will not be your favorite piece because you were out of your element while putting it together. Try this simple exercise to see how music affects your creative flow.


  1. Pick a genre of music.
  2. Start with a blank canvas.
  3. Start to create and time yourself for 20/30/60 minutes.
  4. Repeat with a new genre of music.




Monique Worotny graduated in Mechanical Engineering Technology and designed automotive machines for three years after college.  Unhappy with her chosen career, she made a change. Traveling across the country and meeting people from all walks of life, she has now designed a life that gives her freedom while helping entrepreneurs make a positive change in the world.  Her business, Made in Monique, is an unique online business operations service that supports changemakers and philanthropists in making their vision a reality.  Monique consults heart-centered entrepreneurs with a personalized Passion to Project Strategy to help them grow their business while giving back to their community or globally.

You can follow her on social media at…






Is there a type of music that really shows in your work? Share below on what genre was best for you and what you enjoy listening to you in your favorite creative environment.

If you are a parent, student, or teacher who wants to learn more about music, connect with other musicians, or wants to post their latest videos of what they’ve been working on, I would love for you to join my Facebook group Music Education Connection. Collaborate, learn from each other, and grow new friendships. This is a place to receive encouragement, positive feedback, and to ask questions.



using music in the creative process

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10 thoughts to “Using Music in the Creative Process”

  1. I love the power of music! I think the right type of music can be so beneficial not just for a creative process, but for studying and focusing in a different manner too!

  2. Listening to music definitely helps me to be inspired. I like the idea that different types of music will inspire different sides.

  3. I love listening to music that has lyrics I resonate with and reminds me of my identity as a created being loved by my Creator. This helps me create best! My best work (I’m a mixed media artist) happens when I’m singing along and pouring my heart out to God while I paint. Sometimes the music is upbeat and fun and sometimes the music is more somber and thoughtful, but the premise is the same.

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