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life is like a song

How Your Life Is Like a Song

How your life is like a song is pretty incredible.  You see, as we go through life, we are creating our own “song” including an intro, verses, chorus, and coda.   What’s amazing is how your life song is unlike any other person’s.  So, how can you write your song to make it sound beautiful?  What will your melody sound like?



When you are born, your song starts.  You have a blank piece of sheet music just waiting to be written. What kinds of notes, rests, and style of music you create is totally up to you.  Your life is yours to live and how you live it is your choice.  Every intro to each person’s song will start differently.  The world needs each person’s unique melody so there are many different types of songs being sung.




As you grow up, you write your life verses.  Each verse will be different with each passing year.  Verse 1 will may be about your childhood, verse 2 about college, verse 3 about marriage, verse 4 about having kids, verse 5 about your career and so on.  It is your life, so each person’s verses will look different.  Some will be sad, happy, angry, or even silly.  Your song may have only 2 verses while another person’s will have 20.  Some of the best songs have the shortest lyrics so don’t compare your melody to the person standing next to you.  Each verse is written from life experiences, talents, backgrounds, and personalities.  Sing your verses loud and stand out from the crowd.  Remember, it is perfectly ok and wonderful to be you.




Your chorus is your life’s theme that will keep repeating over and over.  Whether you’re 5 or 55, your personality will always shine through and is uniquely yours.  The theme may grow over time and change with age, but it is still yours to write.  Create the chorus so when it’s repeated and retold, others will want to hear it.  There are so many different personality types from shy to outgoing and everything in between.  Your chorus may be upbeat or a slow jam, but that’s what sets you apart.  The people in your life can’t wait to hear what you have written by you just being you.



The coda is the end.  Every good song has a great ending.  So, as you live your life and continue to write your song, fill up the pages of music with melodies and harmonies that no one else has ever heard.  Make your song stand out among the crowd and let it tell your story.  Let the ending be the best part.  Others will hear it and will want to listen to your life song again and again because of the wonderful song that you wrote.


What kind of life song are you writing?  What is your personality like?  Have you added more and more verses over the years?  How will your children write their songs?


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Jessica Peresta

Music teacher and music education blogger who helps parents and teachers by providing online music education lessons for kids.

22 thoughts to “How Your Life Is Like a Song”

  1. I love this perspective! I’m a writer,s o i see my life as a book, but I think I’m going to take your advice to see things a little differently. I like the idea of a song….

  2. I’ve never thought of it as music, but often as a poem so your essay made complete sense to me. It’s funny because my husband is the music lover in our house, and I am a linguist, hearing mostly the words along with the melody.

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