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songs about summertime for kids

7 Kid Friendly Songs About Summertime

I am so excited it is finally summertime!  We cannot wait to spend the summer months relaxing and playing in the water.  While playing outside, we always have music playing and are known to have a few dance parties in our swimsuits.  So, I decided to share with you my favorite 7 songs about summertime for kids and your family to enjoy.


1. “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

This is an oldie but goodie.  Who doesn’t like a good old school Will Smith (aka the Fresh Prince) song?  Basically, this song is set to a funky 90’s rhythm and they sing about all the fun things that make summer spectacular!


2. “Soak Up the Sun” Sheryl Crow

I’m sure all you had to do was read this next title, and you immediately started singing “I’m gonna soak up the sun…”  This was my jam in high school yal.  I’m not gonna lie though, I didn’t always completely understand what she was talking about, but it was a fun song to sing along with.


3. “Summer” Calvin Harris

I love this song because the music just makes you want to get up and dance. I can just picture my kids splashing each other (or wrestling since I have all boys yikes) to this song.  There aren’t many words to this song, but that’s what makes it perfect to play on one of your outside summer days.



4. “Sun is Shining” Bob Marley

Ok, is it just me, or do you just have to play a good reggae song in the heat of the summer?  This song has such a relaxing melody and makes me want to sway to it.  I think it is so great to introduce kids to different styles of music too.  So, while you play this song for them, they will be gaining appreciation for some Bob Marley.


5. “Summertime Blues” Eddie Cochran

Here’s another fun summer song that is now is considered an oldie.  It is a song that will quickly become one of your favorites and you won’t be able to stay still while listening to it.  Your kids will probably request this song over and over because it’s super catchy.


6. “Surfin USA” The Beach Boys

What would be summer be without playing “Surfin USA” at least once?  This is another song that is catchy and so fun to learn.  Your kids may pretend to surf while listening or will enjoy swimming to the beat of the song.  Be ready to play this song on repeat too.


7. “Here Comes the Sun” The Beatles

I’m throwing this one in here because I love The Beatles.  It says “here comes the sun” over and over and I can picture this being a perfect rainy day song.  You can remind your kids that the sun will be coming out tomorrow and they will soon be able to enjoy those sunny summer days again.




What are your favorite summertime songs?  Do you and your kids have your favorite go to songs?


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songs about summertime for kids

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42 thoughts to “7 Kid Friendly Songs About Summertime”

  1. Yes! Anything by the Beach Boys is great and perfect for summer and good times. 🙂 I do also really love the Beatles, of course. And I enjoy that Sheryl Crow song as well.

  2. Love these! I love having good music going when we are playing outside, and these songs really make it feel summery (even though weather wise we aren’t there yet!)

  3. Some of these are regulars around our house like “here comes the sun”. My husband is a huge Beatles fan and it’s probably one of my favourites to dance with my son to!

  4. I love these! I’m going to play “Here Comes the Sun” for my kids tomorrow. My 3-year-old knows “Yellow Submarine” already, and I have a recording of him singing himself to sleep with that song. So cute lol. Thanks for sharing!

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