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How to Practice Piano in a Noisy Home

How to practice piano in a noisy home.  Gosh…I wish I had given myself this advice when I was younger.  Growing up, I was the only one out of my sisters and I who took piano lessons.  I was also the most introverted of us all and therefore needed quiet.  Well, guess what.  If you’ve grown up with siblings, there will be no quiet time…EVER.  Finding the quiet time to practice with a dog barking, a dishwasher running, a cat scratching in the litter box, sisters yelling, a mom starting the washing machine, and a mower going outside was no easy feat.  I am here to tell you that it is possible to still practice even with all the interruptions.


Put the piano in a quiet part of the house, or at least try to.

Ok…I know this is easier said than done.  When I was in middle school, the only place we could put the piano was in the dining room that was right by the kitchen.  Noisy place much?  So, I know from first hand experience that it is not always possible to find a quiet part of the house.  But, if you are lucky enough to find a quiet space, put the piano there.  This could be in the child who is taking lessons bedroom, in an office space, any room the door can be closed, or a back room away from the tv and the kitchen areas.  Once again, if it is not possible to find a quiet spot in the house, then put the piano wherever there is room and proceed to the next bullet point…


Find a good time to practice.

When is a good time to practice?  Well, this is up to you and what works best in your family.  I always practiced right after I did my homework.  My sisters would play outside or quietly in their rooms to give me some time to practice.  When I got older, my mom would run errands with my sisters or I would figure out when they would be gone so I could have some quiet time.  The “good time to practice” could be in the morning when a show is on for the other kids, at lunch time while everyone else is finishing their meal, in the afternoon when others are playing outside, after dinner when clean up is happening.  Like I said, you know your family dynamics better than anyone, so figure out what works best for you.


If you have headphones, use them.

Obviously to be able to use headphones, you would need to practice on a keyboard.  This is definitely a great option for those who want to save money by not purchasing a full piano, who want to learn more than just piano and want to play with the settings on a keyboard, or who need the noise blocking headphones to practice.


Have a plan and stick to it.

If you have a practice schedule, try to stick to it so everyone in your family gets used to it.  Block out the time on a calendar or remind your friends and family verbally when you are going to practice so they are aware that they need to give you some space.  Your plan will change day to day or week to week, but as long as you are communicating your expectations with those in your life, it will all work out and they will want to see you succeed.


If all else fails, try again another day.

I am all about a daily practice schedule, even if you can only squeeze it in for 10-15 minutes.  But, please hear me, give yourself grace if you cannot practice a certain day if there are too many interruptions.  Make your next practice session count and make it longer and I promise you will still be successful.


Have you ever had a hard time practicing because of the noise in your home?  I would love to hear all about your experiences.


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how to practice piano

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