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music and science integration

Music and Science Integration Ideas for Kids

These music and science integration ideas for kids are simple yet effective.  Student’s are using music in science every day without even realizing it.  Music helps student’s retain what they are learning and makes science come to life.



Science and Sound

One of my favorite activities for learning about sound is the cup activity.  Fill up 8-10 cups with different amounts of water, like 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2, and experiment with how each cup sounds while hitting it with a spoon.  Student’s will quickly realize that the cups with less water will sound lower than the cups with more water in them.  This can turn into a music lesson by comparing how instruments sound lower or higher depending on how much air is in them and their size.


Frequency and Music

Frequency is definitely a part of music and science.   In science, frequency is used in AC alternating current, radio waves, sound waves, and electrical signals in computers.  In music, frequency can be used to describe the different notes on a piano, since they are have different Hz and therefore sound different.  Finding the similarities between frequency in music and science will be fun for student’s to experience.   Mention to your kids that the next time they hear music coming out of the radio, they are experiencing frequency.  They will be mind blown.



Sing About Science

Student’s love to write and perform their own songs.  While studying a unit in science, like astronomy for example, kids can write a song about the planets, stars, or the galaxy.  When singing about concepts that are learned, the facts are retained easier and help student’s remember what was taught.  Remind kids that when they sing about science, they are not only learning about science lessons, but their voices are using sound waves too.


Make a Thunderstorm

Kids love to play instruments, and what better way to experiment with sound, silences, and frequency, then creating a thunderstorm.  You could talk about how thunderstorms start with little sprinkles, turn into rain, then thunder and lightning, wind, etc.  After talking about how a thunderstorm starts and ends, pick out instruments that would work for each sound.  My favorites are shakers, drums, rhythm sticks, rain stick (obviously), or anything else you and the kids can come up with.  A great rain stick to use is the 20″ Chilean Cactus Rainstick Musical Instrument with yarn wrap and sealant – Authentic Rain Stick Shaker from Africa Heartwood Project (TM)


Go on a Nature Walk

While walking with my kids, we always hear so many sounds around us.  Sound is a part of music and science, and just like our voices while singing, everything in nature makes high and low pitches also.  When you’re outside, you will hear cars, trucks, animals, kids playing, insects, construction workers, and so much more.  Without realizing it, your kids are getting some outside time, but are also experiencing sounds all around them.


There are so many more music and science integration ideas.  I only mentioned my favorite ideas here.  What are your favorite ways to integrate music and science?


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music and science integration

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Jessica Peresta

Music teacher and music education blogger who helps parents and teachers by providing online music education lessons for kids.

29 thoughts to “Music and Science Integration Ideas for Kids”

  1. What lovely ideas Jessica! I think my kids would love the Thunderstorm idea but I might have trouble getting them to concentrate on a nature walk – they’d be too busy running around to stop and listen 🙂

  2. This is really interesting… My oldest is taking violin lessons so I’m going to share some of this information with him. I know he’ll be interested in learning the science behind his instrument.

  3. This is a great ideas for kids. Especially as school are cutting down music education. I should do the thunderstorm idea with my niece. xx

  4. I love music and science and I love integrating them in my kids’ lives. They are still very young but that’s the beauty of music… You can introduce it to your kid from birth! I never thought about frequency but I will have to introduce it to my kids now!

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