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Nutcracker movement activitiy

“Trepak” from The Nutcracker Movement Activity

When I think of Christmas, I think of the Christmas story, Christmas trees, presents, lights, caroling, hot chocolate, family, and The Nutcracker ballet.  The Nutcracker ballet was written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1892.  Trepak is one of the most widely known Russian dances from the Nutcracker suite.   One of my favorite movement representations of this piece is in Disney’s Fantasia.  I would love to introduce you to Trepak if you have never heard it before (and be sure to listen to the all of The Nutcracker music because it is awesome or go to the ballet if you get the chance.)  Enjoy the fun Nutcracker movement activity I have attached that your children will love to do at home and will get them moving!  Not to mention, if you are looking for an inside activity on those cold days, this is perfect!



“Trepak” Movement Activity


A Section:

A section is the purple hats, red hats, red hats, orange hats.


Jump Clap Clap Clap (2x)

Step out to the right (2x) Step out to the left (2x)

REPEAT ALL MOVEMENT 4 times until you see the white dancers come in.

B Section:

B section is white dancers, yellow dancers, blue dancers, pink dancers.

Pat Clap Pat Clap (2x)

March (8x)



Interlude is yellow hats, red hats, orange hats, purple hats, red hats, orange hats, purple hats, white hats.

Jump and freeze, jump and freeze, jump,      jump,       jump, jump, jump, jump.   

Back to A Section (but change a little)

Last A section is partner dancers.

Jump Clap Clap Clap (2x)

Step out to the right (2x) Step out to the left (2x) 

Step out to the right (2x) Step out to the left (2x)

March in place-right left right left right left right left (2x)


The Nutcracker DVD my kids enjoy watching shows the ballet dancers and captivates their little imaginations.  If you can’t be at the live ballet, this is really the next best thing.



Have you ever been the The Nutcracker ballet?  What was your favorite part of the experience?



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Nutcracker movement activity

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7 thoughts to ““Trepak” from The Nutcracker Movement Activity”

  1. This will be great for my littles at home- just the right amount of difficulty for them! I love using movement to reinforce the concept of form, and this time of year we need all the movement we can get! 😉 Thank you for sharing and linking up- always love reading your ideas!

  2. How fun, thank you! I’ll have to do this with my little ones, they’ll love it. I took my 4 year old daughter last year for the first time (she was three at the time) and she loved most of it, but then she fell asleep. I think it was just too late for her. 🙂

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