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Vivaldi's The Four Seasons Autumn Activity

Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Autumn Activity

Antonio Vivaldi is one of the most famous composers of all time.  As a Baroque composer, one of his most famous musical works is The Four Seasons. Each of the set of 4 violin concerti is based on a particular season.  While listening to each concerto, it helps you imagine you are in that season.  This Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Autumn activity is great for helping kids experience music and not just listen to it.   For more activities for Fall or Thanksgiving, check out this blog post.



Lesson Plan

  1. Talk about Antonio Vivaldi and what music he wrote as a composer.
  2. Talk about Autumn and what children think of or what activities they get to experience during this season.
  3. While listening to Autumn, hand children a piece of paper and some crayons or markers.
  4. As children listen to the song, have them color or draw what the music makes them feel or what it makes them think of.
  5. After the pictures are colored, hand out two paper leaves to each child.
  6. Using creative movement, children will wave their leaves high, low, fast, and slow.


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What are your favorite ways to experience the fall season?  Do you have a favorite song, poem, or book about Autumn?


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Vivaldi's The Four Seasons Autumn Acitivity

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